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Wysteria, Market Place in the 1950s
Janice Hales, née Lord, recounts her memories of living with her sister and parents in Wysteria, now called Wisteria House. (The photograph dates are aproximate.) There was a 5-barred gate leading to the garden that faced the Market Place. In the left hand photograph (a detail of a wider view taken in the 1950s) the pale building to the left was where Mr Reeve the blacksmith stored his equipment and spare parts of farm machinery. The blacksmith’s forge and house still stand opposite but the store was demolished. The low dark shed in the corner of the garden held a copper to be stoked up for hot water but was cracked and not used by the family. This shed was also demolished.  The front door facing the Market Place was never used. Inside was a narrow entrance to a stairway leading directly to the floor above, running alongside the wall separating them from Mrs Barber’s house. At the other side of Wisteria, facing south, there used to be a long landing window which gave light to both houses and it was possible to see next door’s curtains from a narrow gap in the wall. This window has now gone. The house’s kitchen window is on the right, next to a back door leading into a poorly constructed lean-to which then contained a sink and the only tap supplying water for the house. Beyond the back door in the gloom was the only toilet, an Elsan. Behind Angela is a barn with its double door (1952). The barn is obscured by the dark shed in the first photograph. Inside were mangers but we children were forbidden to go in there. There was a village pump opposite Wysteria, here seen being used by Janice and her sister Angela (November 1950). Next to Wysteria was a dwelling now called Weavers; in the early 1950s it had no supply of water of its own so Mrs Barber had to fetch it from the pump. On the right are Janice’s parents in front of Wysteria which they rented for about five years while awaiting the completion of their bungalow in Hethersett. Bricks at the time were in short supply. On the left is Mr Lord with Angela washing his car behind Wysteria on a cold winter’s day (1951). On the right the car can be seen partly in the barn at the far end of the house. Grandpa Lord and Angela are standing by the ‘front’ door which is no longer there but was between the doors to the current Weavers and Wisteria. If that door was left open in warmer weather frogs tended to hop in unless it was protected by a mesh fire guard. Janice recounts her memories of the Fair on the Market Place opposite her house.