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‘Day in the Life of New Buckenham’ This is a short film made by the East Anglian Film Archive in 1993 and appears on the British Film Institute website. “Children leave for school and the daily routines begin at the newsagent's, butcher's, bakery, post office, garage, pub, basket makers', pottery and piggery. People are at the hairdressers, repairing buildings and cars, cleaning the church. The milk and post delivery and mobile fish and chip van punctuate the day until the children's return and evening playtime, bell ringing and start of rehearsals for the winter pantomime at the pub.”
‘New Buckenham in Lockdown 2020’ (New Buckenham Arts video) A call went out for photographs taken in the village during the lockdown months in 2020. The photos were made into a short film illustrating empty streets, closed premises, bored cats and forbidding notices. These images changed to business opening where possible, distanced partying and clapping for carers. There was appreciation of our gardens and the wonderful opportunities to walk quietly in the village’s surrounding countryside.
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